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Crossfit Endurance Cert AAR

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Sep 23 2008

If you’ve checked out the Affiliate blog for yesterday, you’ve already seen this, but wanted to consolidate it on here:

Steve and Kelley – thanks for hosting, great to see you guys!

Brian and Carl – as requested, here’s some pros/cons:

Issue: Course material being sent out prior to Cert.
Discussion: Power points and CFJ Articles were sent well ahead of the cert to prepare students.
Recommendation: Just thought this was a good move. I like having reference stuff around after certs and I like to have a baseline of how things will run ahead of time. I wish LVL I would do this!

Issue: Homework.
Discussion: Instructors provided a 6 week homework packet to work on technique and running ability.
Recommendation: I think this is terrific too – you’re only going to get good at skill work by continually working at it. I’m definitely going to take this on (as soon as I can walk again, my calves are still toast).

Issue: Testing.
Discussion: There is a final test due at the end of the Cert.
Recommendation: Again, thought this was a good move – even though we could work on it through the weekend, not just during a set “testing session” – I thought this was a good way to have some quality control.
However, I thought there were some issues with the test vs. the presented material. Specifically:
Endurance Certification Question 10Programming Questions 3 & 5
EDQ 10. Can Stamina Training replace long slow distance training?
The term “Stamina Training” wasn’t used (that I remember) in the entire presentation – so it was up to my interpretation what “Stamina Training” was.
PQ3. How many time trials should a triathlete do in their first week of training?
I think this is supposed to read “intervals” not “time trials”, I’m going off page 14, slide 2 of the .ppt handout.
PQ4. How many CFE “Crossfit Endurance” workouts should a single sport athlete (competing in an event longer than 5k) complete in a week?
I selected “4-6” and Carl marked “2-3”. If you look at pg 13 slide 3 though it says 4-6 sessions a week. Also, I’m not differentiating between a “Crossfit Endurance” WOD and time trials, LSD training, etc. When I read “Crossfit Endurance” session, I think that includes the programming we discussed on Day 2 where the athlete would do 3-4 CF Workouts and then sport specific training 2-3, but I thought those would all fall under the “Crossfit Endurance” umbrella.

Issue: Verbally citing “studies”.
Discussion: During the presentation, Brian mentioned “studies have shown” on a few different occasions.
Recommendation: Either cite it specifically, link it in the handout, or don’t mention it. Granted, this is just a huge pet peeve with me, but I’m hugely swayed by people that have their citations handy – and way turned off when they don’t.

Issue: Myofascial Release and stretching.
Discussion: During the class we went over this.
Recommendation: Keep it up – it’s something I neglect and I think a lot of other people do to. We do some Sampson Stretch, some Shoulder Dislocates, and that’s about it. So great to get some info on some solid rehab techniques.

Issue: Timing of Cert.
Discussion: Cert was held in Ocean City the week after Bike Week and nowhere near Senior Week.
Recommendation: I brought down a trunk full of Zima for the weekend with no one to share it with. Seniors Rule!

Overall great cert.

20080920 WOD and Crossfit Endurance Cert

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Sep 22 2008

So went to the CF Endurance Cert with Brian McKenzie this past weekend. Worked on a lot and will have a more extensive review of the course, instructors and material shortly.

Bottomline: If you believe that the POSE Method of running makes sense, then you have to come to this cert.

For the WOD on Saturday, where we tried to incorporate the technique we were learning:

For time:
250m Run
40 Burpees
500m Run
30 Burpees
750m Run
20 Burpees
1000m Run
10 Burpees

Time: 17:05

Notes: This was close to DFL. I got started on the 750m run and had a pretty serious side stitch (which I never usually get). I shuffled the three laps around the building and went straight into the burpees, then finished the last run and burpees at a pretty decent pace. But the damage was done in that 750m run – I was getting passed by everybody at that point. Top times were around 12 min, last finisher was around 19 min.

Pretty unhappy with that performance though. That combined with a lot of pretty strong folks at this seminar is definitely pushing me towards weighing and measuring again to find my optimal Zoneish numbers. I know if I do straight Zone I’ll be heavier than optimal weight.

Today I ate pretty much how I’ve been eating the last few weeks – as much protein and fat as I want and some veggies at lunch and post-workout. It may have just been the driving and the cert, but after a lunch of just some meat, zucchini and tomato, and walnuts – I felt like I was having an insulin high/crash episode. Same thing at post-workout meal (which wasn’t even post-WOD as I was feeling a lot of muscle soreness and no energy) – just had some tuna salad, a very little carrot/sweet potato mix and almonds – and I’m feeling like I could go to sleep at 5 pm! I also went into this meal EXTREMELY hungry.

Need to write down how I’m feeling and weigh and measure starting tomorrow. Take notes for a week or two and email Robb Wolf.

20080918 WOD

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Sep 18 2008

4 rounds
20 slamballs, 20 PBS
20 situps
20 overhead lunge steps, 45 lbs
For time

Time: 9:59

20080917 WOD

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Sep 18 2008

Squat 5-5-5


Press 5


Notes: messed up my elbow on the press (again).j

20080915 WOD

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Sep 16 2008

KB Swing, 55 lbs

Time: 9:20

Notes: Fairly happy with this. My KB Swings have been strong lately, I did every set unbroken. KTE slows you down.

20080910 WOD

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Sep 10 2008

Squat 3-3-3-3-3


20080909 WOD

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Sep 09 2008

For Time:
Row 1000m
50 Thrusters, 45 lbs
30 Pullups

Time: 8:00

Comments: This didn’t feel bad. I shortened the warmup because I’ve felt lethargic going into the warmup and the workout. Just did some jumprope and squats then jumped into it. Overall felt pretty good.

20080908 WOD

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Sep 08 2008

Today decided to just do a check-up of some single measurements:


Max Pullups

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squat

Row 500m

Run 800m

A couple minutes rest between each item. Overall, kind of disappointed in all these numbers except for the row. For the pullups, I just did 34 last month, so that was especially bad going down 2. For the BTB Squats, I just tried to jump way too fast and was going to shoot for 16. That didn’t work obviously, giving me a strict BTBTS score of 8. The row I was ok with, as I just started doing ME 500m a few weeks ago. The run was about what I’d expect after the prior 3.

So overall, need to work harder and more consistently. Really need to set a time where I can work out with one of my fellow trainers, as coming in here solo and WODing is definitely a step back.

20080905 WOD

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Sep 05 2008


5 Rds (w/ 3 min rest between rds)
10 Pullups
20 Pushups
30 Situps
40 Squats
Post times for each round.


Notes: Pretty happy with this, but feel like I should have either shortened the rest to two minutes or just done the full WOD. Since Barbara has just completely kicked my ass the last two times, I figured it would be a good idea to scale. It was still challenging, but I did every round of pullups unbroken and even the pushups weren’t that challenging.

For a workout that’s designed to be “interval training” I guess I did it “right”, but feel like with those numbers I definitely need to just do the full WOD next time.

20080904 WOD

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Sep 05 2008

3 Rounds
15 x Medball Cleans, 20 lbs
15 x Thrusters, 95 lbs

Time: 8:34

Notes: This is a lot of squats.