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I Ain’t Got Squat…

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Oct 30 2008

So Front Squats today…hurting. I think this had a lot to do with yesterday’s demolition job, but part of it is I just suck at Front Squats.

Front Squats

Considering my last PR was 3×215 on 13 Jun 08, then I guess this isn’t too bad, but I just felt weak on this. I feel like I wasn’t sending the hips back, but was just going straight down and up. Part of this was on purpose as I was not using a Dynamax Ball, but was trying to get to deep clean depth.


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Oct 28 2008

Jen Conlin came up with this WOD – they should call it “Brian’s Ex-Girlfriends” because if you got them all in a room and asked them to come up with a WOD that would crush me, this is what they would come up with.

Four rounds for time
20 Tuck Jumps
20 push-ups
20 squats
20 pull-ups
20 burpees
20 lunges
Post time to comments

29:11 as Rx’d

Messing with the Butterfly

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Oct 28 2008

So after watching “Rhabdo” crank out a 2:08 Fran at Crossfit Montclair, I wanted to give the butterfly/Canadian kip a go.  I’ve been working it into my warmups and felt fairly confident I could get a good amount of reps with the butterfly before having to switch back to the traditional kip.

21 Overhead Squats, 95 lbs
42 Pullups
15 Overhead Squats, 95 lbs
30 Pullups
9 Overhead Squats, 95 lbs
18 Pullups
Time: 9:52 (mod)

Notes: I totally gassed during the second set of pullups. I was feeling good and moving at a pretty good clip. I finished the first set of OHS and Pullups in 3:23, then did the set of 15 OHS in a set of 8 and 7. But I got back on the bar for the pullups, did a set of 6 and 5, then gassed. I did another 6 with the traditional kip, but got a bad tear on the hand and was HURTING! So just did jumping to for the rest of the 2nd set and for the 3rd. The lungs were burning. I haven’t had that much of a profound C.R. response to a WOD in a while. For me it indicated that while the butterfly is much faster, you are still doing just as much work.

Thanks for coming by Chef!

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Oct 23 2008

So Chef aka Dave Wallach came by today to help out with teaching our WOD today, which was:

Deadlift 5×5

Chef has a world of knowledge about the deadlift having trained for years and also been a competitive weightlifter.  So he ran the 6 pm and 7 pm classes, and I jumped in on the latter.


This is a 30 lbs PR from a week ago, so cannot thank Chef enough for the training cues.

Monday 081020

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Oct 21 2008

Did the WOD for today – all things that shouldn’t bother my elbow too much.

Max Rounds in 20 min of:
5 Thrusters, 95 lbs
7 Hang Power Cleans, 95 lbs
10 Sumo Deadlift Highpull, 95 lbs

Rounds: 9

Notes: The SDHP killed me, everything else felt pretty good.

Saturday 081019

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Oct 20 2008

Power Clean
4×185 (failed on 5th rep)
1×205 (squat clean)
1×225 (squat clean – failed)
1×225 (squat clean)

Notes: Didn’t have a lot of time today as the 11 am class ran real late and I couldn’t stick around. That’s a new PR on Squat Clean though, so I’m pretty happy about that.

Thursday 081016

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Oct 17 2008

Did the PCF Wod with the 5 pm class today:

For time:
10 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
1 Weighted pull-up
9 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
2 Weighted pull-ups
8 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
3 Weighted pull-ups
7 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
4 Weighted pull-ups
6 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
5 Weighted pull-ups
5 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
6 Weighted pull-ups 4
4 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
7 Weighted pull-ups
3 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
8 Weighted pull-ups
2 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
9 Weighted pull-up
1 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks
10 Weighted Pull-ups

21:25 with 45 lbs for the C&J. 45 lbs for the pullups until the round of 8, moved down to 35. Round of 9, did one rep with 25 then the left elbow would allow no more, went kipping at that point for the last two rounds.

C&J felt strong, just did Clean and Thruster, didn’t break it under 3 reps. The pullups beat me up though.

Wednesday 081015

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Oct 17 2008

Continuing with the Gant Grimes programming. I’m finding an added benefit to this is that it’s easier to do alone. Since I usually work out before teaching classes in the evening, that’s a great benefit.

Back Squat

Kettlebell Swing, 2 pood
Row (cal)
Time: 5:26

Tuesday 081014 WOD

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Oct 17 2008

So trying to get back into the swing of things after some recovery time for my elbows (tendonitis, or tennis elbow, in both). Also following the Gant Grimes programming for a while to build my strength. Currently I’m 6’1, 215 lbs, age 29 (but I turn 30 next month).


Box Jump
Time: 3:49

Back to Counting Blocks

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Oct 10 2008

So the Endurance Cert motivated me to get back on the Zone bandwagon. I’m not doing Zone as Rx’d, but rather Robb Wolf’s version the he explains in “42 Ways to Skin the Zone“.

So Zone block goals for the next two weeks will be:

20 blocks Protein

14 blocks Carbs

20 blocks Fat

I’ll also try to keep it to one large coffee a day (no cream or sugar obviously).

Since mid-July I’ve gone from 215 lbs to 207 lbs and as of this morning to 219 lbs. That’s a lot of fluctuation in two months. That combined with the lack of sleep and high stress (relatively) of opening the box and working full time has seen my performance dip dramatically.

I still hit a sub-5 Fran (4:58) last month for a PR and was hitting several PRs prior to that, but have felt real run down lately and have had several nagging injuries re-flare up.

So figuring out my optimal nutrition (all within fairly good Paleo guidelines as well), trying to concentrate on getting sufficient sleep, and also heading to the chiropracter again on Thursday after about a year hiatus.

So to begin the Zone block counting (and now the pic will come together for you…)

Meal 1: 0830

5 Blocks Protein – 3 eggs, 6 slices bacon, very little cheese

0 Blocks Carbs –

5 Blocks Fat – 15 almonds

1 large coffee

Notes: Felt fine after this, not tired at all – but no carbs at all, so that’s probably a factor.

Meal 2: 1200

5 Blocks Protein – eggs, tuna

3 Blocks Carbs – Spinach, onion, pepper, cucumber, chick peas

5 Blocks Fat – 1 2/3 tsp olive oil

Notes: Felt pretty groggy. Not like “I have to pass out now” groggy, but pretty tired and slow.