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Wednesday 081009

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Oct 10 2008

AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible
3 Rounds
1 min Row (calories)
1 min Slamball
1 min Pushups
1 min Situp
1 min Squat
1 min Rest
Post total reps to comments.

Total: 338 (approx).

Notes: Still trying to find my balance wrt my tendonitis in both elbows.  Going back to the chiropractor on Friday for some more therapy.  Seems like this is helping a little.  Need to ice much more frequently.

20081006 WOD

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Oct 07 2008

After a LONG!!! break, decided to jump back in:

5 rounds
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats
3 minutes rest between rounds, post each rounds time to comments.

Before I begin my colorful excuses, just FYI we had 41 people run through Barbara today – just want to say BZ to all those folks, because as was mentioned previously, this is a monster bitch of a workout. If you showed up today, you have a nice pair of jeuvos.

If this day was a kids show, the characters would be:

Mr. Radius Ulner
Princess CNS (for Central Nervous System)
Brian, a Crossfitter on the mend
The Count
Mr. Puke Pucket

Scene 1 – a Crossfit Gym

Mr. Radius Ulner: So Brian, you’ve take two weeks off because of severe tendonitis in both elbows, what is the WOD.
Brian: Barbara.
Princess CNS: Oh my! Should you really do Barbara on a two week break. You’re going to fry yourself.
The Count: That’s 700 total reps, ah-ah-ah!
Oscar: Holy fuckballs, this is going to suck.
Brian: No, I’ll do it anyway
Mr. Puke Bucket: Oh, I’ll be seeing your ass soon muthatrucker.

End Scene.

Reality reared its ugly head, the pushups destroyed me:

Rd 1 3:26 as rx’d
Rd 2 4:58 as rx’d
Rd 3 6:55 as rx’d
Rd 4 9:18 (pushups on the knees for 25/wall pushups 15/Sharon in grave fear of being puked on)
Rd 5 5:47 (pushups on the wall)

Another Daily Show Dose

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Oct 03 2008