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Monday 081110 – Happy Birthday USMC!

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Nov 12 2008

Started the Tabata Experiment today. I knew I was weak at bodyweight stuff, but actually decreasing to only 16 rounds in Cindy last week has definitely given me extra motivation to try to attack this. First attempt:


Total 52.00
Average 8.67
High 12.00
Low 7.00
Diff 5.00
SD 1.97


Total 63.00
Average 10.50
High 16.00
Low 7.00
Diff 9.00
SD 3.94


Total 104.00
Average 17.33
High 20.00
Low 14.00
Diff 6.00
SD 2.66

Notes: This is about what I expected, but was pleasently surprised on the squats as that was definitely what hurt me on Cindy. I’m keeping a spreadsheet of everything here, which may be easier to digest.

Quickie Snatch/Front Squat

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Nov 08 2008

Only had time for a quick one today b/c of the gymnastics seminar tomorrow from

500m Row
Burgener Warmup, 45 lbs

1×165 (F)
1×165 (F)

Notes: Really felt the left elbow issues in the OHS on the snatches. I couldn’t get under the bar on the first 165, the second, just couldn’t pull all the way under. Again, elbow…

Front Squat:
1×255 (F)

Who Fractured Who Exactly?

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Nov 08 2008

Friday 081107
“Fractured Helen”
4 Rounds
400m Run
21 KB Swings, 1.5 pood
12 Pullups
2 Minute rest between rounds.

Total: 18:10

Splits: 2:37-7:34-12:54-18:10

So that means each round took me:

Rd 1: 2:37
Rd 2: 2:57
Rd 3: 3:20
Rd 4: 3:16

Notes: Pretty happy with this as Mike R., Aaron, and Dan were in the low 17’s and Derek was just a few seconds ahead of me.

Crossfit Total

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Nov 05 2008


Flip-flopped the two day beginning of “Feats of Strength” Month at PCF, so today was Crossfit Total (note: had to use kg plates, so that’s what the two numbers are:


5x70kg (154 lbs)
1x100kg (220 lbs)
1x120kg (264 lbs)
1x145kg (319 lbs)
1x148kg (326 lbs)
1×150.5kg (331 lbs) PR

3x50kg (110 lbs)
1x60kg (132 lbs)
1x65kg (143 lbs)
1x70kg (154 lbs) (PR is 155 lbs)

3x70kg (154 lbs)
2x100kg (220 lbs)
1x120kg (264 lbs)
1x165kg (365 lbs)
1x185kg (407 lbs) PR
1×187.5kg (412 lbs) PR
1x190kg (418 lbs) PR

Total: 903 lbs PR

So pretty happy with this after the dismal Cindy yesterday. Definitely showing signs of improved strength, I credit that to some good coaching from Chef and doing the GG programming for the last six weeks. I only wish I could have done it more consistently w/o the cold, elbow, and neck injuries.

I really am trying to delegate stuff recently so that I can ensure that I have time to train, but being a co-owner of a Crossfit gym is time consuming…

What just happened?

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Nov 04 2008

While I don’t think that it’s been almost a year since I’ve done Cindy, according to my blog posting and my PR sheet, it has been.  I got 18 rounds on 25 Dec 07. 

Yesterday, I did 16 rounds.

Pretty unhappy about this, but 1) I may have miscounted, I should have made hash marks, 2) My neck is still jacked up from Friday.  My pullups felt good and my pushups actually didn’t kill me nearly as bad as they usually do.  The squats were just taking forever.

This is part of my new plan to do the Gant Grimes Tabata Project.   So I’ll be doing Tabata every Monday for the next 12 weeks, except for every four weeks I’ll be subbing Cindy back in.  Bodyweight exercises have been my achilles heel for a while now, so hopefully I can see some good progress here.  I’m going to also tighten up my diet after doing a strength phase (poorly due to injuries and being sick) for the last 6 weeks.  I’ll drop my protein intake to between 18-20 blocks, keep my carb intake to about 8-12 blocks, and then tweak my fat intake to 30-60 blocks depending on how hungry I am.

Hopefully this will lean me out and allow me to make some measureable improvement in bodyweight exercises.

Another Injury…

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Nov 03 2008

I tweaked the shit out of my neck on Friday, pinched a nerve. Couldn’t move my head, had to cab it to the chiropractor. Really sucks b/c just got over the elbow injury and the cold.

Going back to teaching again today, but will probably lay off training until at least tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes then.

Let this be a lesson to me: stop doing manual labor, no good can come from that. I did this while installing new window blinds.