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Monday 090831 WOD

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Aug 31 2009

After two rest days with not the best eating (and some drinking) in Boston…


3xMax Efforts: 6-2-3

Notes: Not bad, happy my HSPU keeps getting up.


Friday 090828 WOD

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Aug 30 2009

CF Boston WOD 090828
3 Rounds
20 Air Squats
15 CTB Pull-ups
10 DB Push Press, 30% BW each hand (65 lbs)
Time: 8:28

Notes: This sucked. 65 lbs DBPP is no joke. I flew through the first round and did squats and CTBPU unbroken. I did the first round of PP w/o putting the db down, but after that, it got ugly. Just holding those dbs gassed me b/c the weight is pressing down my torso and hence not letting me breath deeply. So when I got to the 2nd and 3rd rds of squat and pullups, I was dying. That and simply having to do 65 lbs DBPP killed my time.

Thursday 090827 WOD

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Aug 28 2009

PCF WOD 090827
1800 Class
Power Clean
Standing Dumbbell Press
Post loads to comments

Power Cleans
1×215 (failed on 2nd rep)
1×225 (PR)

Skipped this b/c did press the other day and elbow was feeling sore after cleans.


Wednesday 090826 Rest Day

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Aug 26 2009


A little over on blocks today, but had a long day. I am noticing a patter on Rest Days though, I’m always hungrier than on WOD days. Aaron has pointed out that exercise helps manage insulin levels and now that I’m getting precision and accuracy with weighing and measuring consistently, I’d say my data is bearing that out.

Read an interesting article in the Crossfit Journal today about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s a fascinating topic, great primer is “Instant Rapport” by Michael Brooks. The article is “Coaches and Athletes: The Psychology of Crossfit.

Tuesday 090825 WOD

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Aug 25 2009

PCF WOD 090825
Back Squat
225-275-300 (PR)
DNS (did Press yesterday)

Notes: Felt good, nice to PR.


Monday 090824 WOD

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Aug 24 2009

Shoulder Press
110-121-132-143×3-143×3 (used kilos)

Notes: With my hand and shins messed up, didn’t want to do the PCF WOD and have to sub out 4-5 exercises, so just worked on a weakness.


Sunday 090823 WOD

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Aug 23 2009

Got to do a WOD with my good buddy Greg today, first time (I think) we’ve actually worked out together, but he’s been to PCF before and worked out when he’s in town.

Beat him today, but considering how hard he gets after it, this will probably be the first and last time that happens.

For Time:
30 GHD Situps
3 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
7 Front Squat, 135 lbs (from the ground)
3 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
7 Front Squat, 135 lbs (from the ground)
3 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
7 Front Squat, 135 lbs (from the ground)
3 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
7 Front Squat, 135 lbs (from the ground)
3 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
7 Front Squat, 135 lbs (from the ground)
30 GHD Situps
Time: 8:38

Notes: Greg did this in 9:18. I was doing the HSPU with one foot flat on the wall. When I’m not kipping, this definitely seems like the easiest way to do these. Didn’t really concentrate on tightening the mid-section at all (which I just try to do now versus try to “Hollow Rock” in HSPU since whenever I try that, nothing really happens) because my core was pretty fried from the GHDs. Overall happy with this thought, only broke the squats on one set.

Diet was pretty good today, all Paleo, definitely a little high on protein as I was hungry/awake after each meal.

Saturday 090822 Force Rest Day

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Aug 22 2009

Feeling really really shitty from last night, had alcohol, fries, and some sliders at Eventide last night, puked it up in the middle of the night (twice), then didn’t eat anything until about noon. Ate a big paleo breakfast, but then went to Tes’ Recovery Seminar (which was great by the way) and was starving. Got home and got a pizza from Liberty Tavern and then ate an entire pint of Coconut Bliss Ice Cream (which is debatably Paleo and was recommended by Dave and LeeAnn).

So was supposed to work out today, but no joy. Maybe tomorrow will do something heavy.

Friday 090821 WOD

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Aug 22 2009

PCF WOD 090821
For time:
50 Chest to Bar Pullups
50 Burpees
Post time to comments.
Time: 8:04

Notes: Was pretty happy with this since I did it at 0930 and had a pretty good time compared to everybody that had done it at that point, but then the afternoon classes blew me away. Ripped my palm really bad, the bottom part, which has never happened before. Using a lot of Climb On.

Diet was good until DF Pete’s Happy Hour at Eventide. Didn’t drink that much, but got passed some shots and what I found out twice after I went home and went to sleep was that bourbon, vodka, and whiskey don’t mix well. So wake-up calls, sprint to the toilet, and pretend like I’m 21 again…twice. Good times.


Thursday 090820 WOD

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Aug 21 2009

PCF WOD 090820
Hang Squat Snatch
For time:
21 Deadlifts, 225/155 lbs
21 Box Jumps
Run 400m
15 Deadlifts
15 Box Jumps
Run 400m
9 Deadlifts
9 Box Jumps
Post loads and times to comments.

Snatch: 1×165 (not sure what I did before that, just worked up to this)
WOD: 8:13 rxd

Notes: Shin splints still there, which slowed me down on Box Jump a lot and running a little. I just plod along now on the run and do a heel strike. I’m sure it slows me down, but I figure if I keep it to no more than one run or double under or box jump WOD per week, I can still heal and not lose significant ability in these movements.

It’s probably stupid and I should just stop doing all three and heal, but I’m not smart.


Thanks to Carolyn for the shoutout yesterday during the run “Push through the shin splints”, somebody cares…:)