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Burgener Cert

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Oct 04 2009

Did the Burgener Cert this weekend, highly recommend it. I’ve now done:

Crossfit Level I Coach Certification
Crossfit Level II Coach Certification
Crossfit Endurance Certification
Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certification
Chasing Performance with Kelly Starrett (soon to be an official CF Cert)
Olympic Lifting with Greg Everett

As far as the specialty Certs, I would say this is the best for both athletes and coaches. As a Coach, the Level II helped me tremendously, but I know that me and my athletes are going to get a lot out of the info from this weekends Oly Cert. Great job to Coach B and his staff, very well run.

Friday 091002 WOD

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Oct 02 2009

PCF WOD 091002
Complete 5 rounds for time of:
Run 400m
21 Overhead Squat, 95/65 lbs
Post time to comments.
Time: 18:24

Notes: Greg beat me on this one in the last round, he got the squats done faster than me and got 18:09.

Thursday 091001 WOD

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Oct 01 2009

Yet another “Goat WOD” today, multiples overhead in anything crush me. Need to get used to larger loads overhead as well.

Split Jerk

2×195 (failed on rep 3)
2×195 (failed on rep 3)

Notes: Couldn’t get that 3rd rep on 195, mainly due to not being comfortable in the setup. Started with my shoulders back and elbows out at 45 degrees, but that morphed into shoulders forward, elbows straight by the end.