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More Warmup Machinations

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Feb 16 2010

Since my elbows remain fried, I need to do some prehab/rehab movements before and after WODs. I also have to find some consistent additional movements that I can add before and after WODs to sufficiently push my limits. Two big areas that I can improve in are gymnastics and abdominal strength. So here’s a list of movements that I should be able to perform (or will at least try) without to much problems with elbows:

Shoulder Flexibility/Mobility, General:

Kelly Starrett Shoulder Mobility [mov]

Shoulder Flexibility/Mobility, Specific:

Crossfit Invictus Shoulder Mobility [V], [T], [W]


Guidance: One minute total for each of these movements, 1-3 seconds each “rep”, rest as needed
Handstand Walking [Gymnastic Bodies]
Skin the Cat
Front Lever [Tucker]
Back Lever [Tucker]
Iron Cross [Tucker]


Hip Extension
Back Extension
GHD Situp
Glute Ham Raise
Reverse Hyper
Ab Wheel
Russian Twist
Windshield Wiper

So from there, my two baseline warmups for the next two weeks will be:

Warmup 1

Row 500m or 2 minutes Double Under work
10 KB Swing, 1.5 pood
Pushup Circles
Pushup Hold at bottom (shoulders pinched back)
Side plank, tap toes
Reverse plank
3 slow pushups (shoulders pinched back)
3 super wide pushups (shoulders pinched back)
3 planche pushups
3 Side-to-Side
3 diamond pushups
Arm swings – torso up, torso down, side-to-side, up and down, circles
5 Skin the Cats
Lax balls in thoracic spine

Warmup 2

Row 500m or 2 minutes Double Under work
10 KB Swing, 1.5 pood
Arm swings – torso up, torso down, side-to-side, up and down, circles
5 Skin the Cats
5 Front Lever
5 Back Lever
Lax balls in lat and rear delt

For the abdominals, I’ll just do 30 reps of a mix of these for the first week, see how I feel, and potentially add reps from there.

Upperbody Strength Template

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Feb 01 2010

A few PCFers asked me to create a template to improve general upperbody strength. They are not seeing significant progress on press, ring dips, handstand pushups, pushups, and pullups.

So for those that aren’t having issues in just one or two movements (which might improve with the Handstand Pushups and Pullup template) but with upperbody strength in general, here’s a simple rotation of exercises that you can add before or after (or before and after) a WOD:

Week 1
Day 1
2 Rounds
5 Ring Dips with Turnout and 1 second pause at the top (scale with feet)
5 Skin the Cat
“Death by DB Press”
Perform one Press the first minute, two Press the second minute, etc. You have the entire minute to perform all the reps and you can rest the weight on your shoulders, but not on the ground. Note total rounds and reps. When starting, pick a weight that you can do at least 5 rounds.

Day 2
3 Rounds
5 Ring Pushups w/ 1 second pause at the top (control the descent and ascent)
3 x 10 second Flexed Arm Hang
5 Handstand Pushup Negatives

Day 3
3 Rounds
3 x 10 second Handstand Holds
5 Support Shrugs
5 Pullup Negatives

As a baseline and a simple means of tracking progress, I’d like you to post:

-Max Handstand Hold (in seconds)
-Max Ring Hold (in seconds, more advanced athletes should turn the wrists out)
-First attempt at Death by DB Press

We’ll be doing the DBDBP every week, so that’ll be our easy metric. Then we’ll re-test the Max Handstand Hold and Max Ring Hold every month.

None of these days should leave you fried or take more than 10 minutes to do. If you are getting crushed or taking forever, reduce the volume.

The key here is “do something!” Like Rip says “Your deadlift will improve with vigorous nose picking if you’ve never deadlifted before.”

Post to comments if you are going to give this a try or if you have questions.