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1RM Snatch

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Jun 10 2011

Weirdly got better as it got heavier…to a point. Topped out at 180, missed twice at 185.

Going to start playing with a periodized oly template for the next few months and complimenting it with a basic gymnastic routine. METCONs sprinkled in occasionally.

Similar to the Wendler experiment, this is just to see what’s possible over what timeline and how we can apply it to either a) training at PCF in general, or b) a Focus Session or Barbell Club environment.

Working Wounded – Back Injury 2.0

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Jun 08 2011

I’ve had some clients that can’t follow my Working Wounded – Back Injury template because any and all type of hip flexion/hip extension causes pain.

So I came up with a new template that eliminates a lot of hip movement (but not all), and focuses on upperbody strength and core strength.

Full spreadsheet here.

This is the first iteration of this. I’ve tested MOST of the movements on clients that have sciatic nerve and herniated disc issues.

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to work up to this. The first session might just introduce the athlete to the Fundamental Static Positions. You might get through one round of this and call it a day.

Will report back when I have more data.

Big thanks to Coach Christopher Sommer’s “Building the Gymnastic Body” for the resources to build this template.

US Government v. Independent Farmers and Consumers

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Jun 08 2011

“And one of the things that I think it’s important to understand is…IT’S BEAUTIFUL! And good food production should be aesthetically and aromatically and sensually romantic!” – Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms

For local (and legal, for now) supply of beyond organic, pasture range, local meat, dairy, and eggs, check out Humble Gourmand, now delivering to Crossfit boxes around the MidAtlantic, including Potomac and Patriot Crossfit.