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Wheat Belly and Track Your Plaque

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Sep 10 2011

“We try to identify all hidden causes of heart disease, of coronary arteriosclerosis. One of the very very dominant and important causes is small LDL particles. There’s only two ways to get small LDL particles, that’s 1) genetically, and 2) carbohydrates. Just understanding that led us down the path of a strict low carbohydrate diet, such as a Paleo Diet. And low and behold we saw a dramatic reduction in small LDL.

“But it was this odd twist that we stumbled on in this effort to gain control over coronary plaque and small LDL and that is elimination of wheat, this is the key strategy to get rid of coronary plaque.” -Dr. William Davis

Check out Episode 95 of the Paleo Solution Podcast with Robb Wolf, the Track Your Plaque website, and the Wheat Belly website for more info.