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Cholesterol: Down and Dirty

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Apr 05 2012

Trick Question: Which one would you trust to tell you about bio markers of health and disease?

“Not since the witch trials of Salem has such an all-out campaign been launched against the innocent based on so little truth and so much misinformation as in the case of cholesterol.” -Dr. Michael Eades, Protein Power Life Plan

Here’s the super fast down and dirty on this before I get any more questions about this and before you see the doc next time around:

1) Request a measured vice calculated LDL that will differentiate between small/dense LDL, which is associated with cardiovascular disease, and soft/fluffy LDL which is correlated with cardiovascular health.
2) Ask your doctor: Does carbohydrate intake spike insulin?
3) Ask your doctor: Does carbohydrate intake affect small/dense LDL?
4) Ask your doctor: Does long chain n-3/n-6 fat intake in a ratio close to 1:1 (which you would see from a Paleo Diet focusing on wild caught and grass fed meats) correlate with soft/fluffy LDL which is, again, correlated with cardiovascular health?
5) Ask your doctor: What do you think of large scale epidemiology studies that rely on correlation over multiple variables without any clinical trials attempting to reduce those variables to specific cause and effect and/or disprove those results through further testing?

The answers to these questions are:

2) Yes.
3) Yes.
4) Yes.
5) They are bullshit.

Incorrect answers from your doc should result in you firing them.

(H/T Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution Episode 124: Harvard Meat Study)