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Oct 01 2012

CrossFit is inherently biological in its order. Our gyms fill a niche that was relatively empty, and as that niche fills, competition within the niche becomes greater and greater. Those CrossFit gyms that adapt correctly to their circumstances will continue to survive, grow and propagate, and those that don’t will die off.

My only prediction as to who will continue and who will not is based on the following excerpt from Sir Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, in his lecture “Dark Materials“:

We and the biosphere are the outcome of more than four billion years of evolution, but most people still somehow think we humans are necessarily the culmination of the evolutionary tree. That’s not so. Our Sun is less than half way through its life. We’re maybe only the half way stage. Any creatures witnessing the Sun’s demise 6 billion years hence won’t be human — they’ll be as different from us as we are from bacteria.

What a CrossFit gym looked like and how it ran in 2001 versus 2012 is vastly different. What a CrossFit gym will look like in 2022 is beyond the imagination of anyone (including myself), but what I think we all know is that it will be vastly different in how it grows, survives, and propagates, but still fill a very similar niche.

Two questions, one for research and one for fun:
1) What changes have you seen in your local CrossFit gym(s) the last several years?
2) What predictions do you have for the CrossFit gyms of 2022?