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Education and Trust

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Mar 04 2015


“The authority of those who teach is very often a hindrance to those who wish to learn.” Michel de Montaigne, “On the Education of Children”

We try to strike a delicate balance in teaching you how to do CrossFit. Much of what we do could be considered techne, which is “craft”. We are trying to get you do “do” CrossFit well.

We don’t spend a lot of time on episteme, or “justified true belief.” You either want to be there or you don’t. If you do, we are going to get you to spend as much time as possible on the art of CrossFit. And we’re also going to try to let you explore CrossFit in a way that excites and interests you.

Much of my coaching cues as I’ve become more experienced in coaching end with “let me know if that’s better or worse.” Meaning, “did you get more weight”, “did you go faster”, “did it feel more comfortable?”

If the answer to those questions is yes, than maybe what I told you is good for you. If not, than we need to try something else. My skepticism of both my doctrinal beliefs, or episteme, and my specific coaching cues has grown rather than lessened over my now six and a half years of coaching CrossFit as a full time job.

I’ve seen a lot of stuff work, and a lot of stuff that I thought would work not work. Part of this is the shared experience, between teacher and student, of learning. “The tutor should make his pupil sift everything, and take nothing into his head on simple authority or trust.” We have a wonderful laboratory where we can collectively try new things, practice them, and get accurate measurable, observable, and repeatable data. This is wonderful for me in terms of both learning about human nature and learning about human movement.

The goal of this is the same goal that Montaigne lays out in his education: to be free. I take this to mean, in terms of human movement, free to accomplish whatever task we wish to accomplish or more importantly, that which we need to accomplish. Whether that’s snatching your body weight, running a Spartan Race, losing 15 lbs, or getting a sub-4:00 “Fran”, we hope that we’ve equipped you with the tools to pursue those goals. We also hope that you can go through your day pain free, you can play with your kids, you can pick up a bag of groceries, and you can have some self-confidence in your abilities.

Whatever your goals or necessities, remember to try to have fun while you’re doing it, follow the courses that intrigue and excite you, and don’t believe me unless you have overwhelming evidence that you should.

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