Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge

Posted by Brian PCF
Oct 19 2009

I competed in the Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge on 17 Oct 2009. Fun event, only my second Crossfit Competition (first being 2008 Mid-Atlantic Regional Qualifier) and thought I did ok. Officialy standings aren’t out yet but the ranks are out of around 90 men who competed. Here were the events, my times, and my rank:

First WOD (done about 1000)
Deadlift 2RM
415 (PR) (32nd)
Compare to 090413: 2×365
Compare to 081105: 1×418
Notes: So pretty happy with this as my deadlifts lately have sucked. I feel like whenever I go on strict Zone, initially I lose strength, but then it comes back. This last time it’s obviously come back quickly and better. This may have something to do with the increased Oly movements as of late.

Second WOD (done at 1140)
For Time:
Overhead Squat, 95 lbs
Time: 8:17 (26th)
Notes: A “Bastard” is a Burpee where you jump over the barbell instead of jumping and clapping. Pretty happy with this time. Pushups felt suprisingly good, 1st and 3rd set of OHS unbroken, 2nd set broken once at rep 8.

Third WOD (done at 1640)
For Time:
30 Double Unders
7 Back Squat, 135 lbs
30 GHD Situps
7 Power Snatch, 135 lbs
30 Wallball, 20 lbs
7 Jerk, 135 lbs
30 Toes-to-Bar
Time: 7:39 (11th)
Notes: Being good at toes to bar really helped in this WOD, as literally half the WOD for most people was spent on this movement alone. I was the first or second guy in my heat done this WOD, but was probably mid-pack getting to the bar for the T2B.

All in all, very happy with how well PCF did at this event. They ran the heats in order of standings after the morning events, so the top 11 men went in the last heat and Mike Crisci (11th), Ryan Powell (10th) and Jon Matzner (5th) were all there. The only other box with more than one guy in the final heat was CF Alexandria, who had two. Mike, Ryan, and Jon all finished in the Top 11 with Mike and Ryan switching places and Jon at 7th.

Chris Karas also did very well, finishing the Chipper at 7:32 (which put him well within the Top 10 on that WOD) and in the mid-7:00’s for the triplet as well. His deadlift hurt him a little bit, so I’m not sure where he ended up. But for his (and Mike C.’s) first competition they did very well.

Overall I finished 16th. Will be interested to see where everybody shakes out once the standing are posted.


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