Paleo Butter?

Posted by Brian PCF
Dec 13 2009

This may be close enough. Ghee is made from butter, but with little to none of the milk solids left behind. The idea came from a post on Robb Wolf’s blog from Dave Werner of Level 4 Crossfit.

Since I didn’t have any organic butter handy, I just went ahead and ordered some here. What I’ll do is run out and grab some organic butter and try to make my own Ghee and do a little taste test. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Has anybody ever cooked with Ghee?

I’m mainly planning on using it with my eggs and bacon in the morning and for my baked whole chicken. I get all this stuff from Alison and it’s extremely tasty. Adding a good amount of butter makes it just about the best thing on earth. So I’ll play around with the Ghee to see how the taste changes.

I’ve got 12 days to go on my 30 Day Paleo Challenge. So far I’m averaging a daily score of 34.4 out of 40 (you can see my tracker here). The biggest thing taking me down is my stress level. This is pretty subjective, but pretty accurate. Too many tasks, not enough time. And too many tasks that are taking forever and not seeing actualization. Good times…

Of those who are doing the 30 Day Paleo Challenge using our new tracking sheet, what’s your score?

Have a few benchmarks coming up (Fran, 5x400m) so if I PR on those by some significant degree, that’ll probably help the stress level out quite a bit.

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