Working Wounded – Mark P. WODs

Posted by Brian PCF
Apr 05 2010

I’ll throw the first three WODs up for Mark P. so he can plan ahead.

Mark has given me the following to work with:

some swimming
1 armed exercises,
bicep curls,
tricep extensions,
rotator cuff stretching,
no overhead (with right arm)
some pulling (not pulling up but rows might work)
no pushing

First few days are going to be pretty “vanilla”. I want to get a good assessment of where you are before I get too sexy with it.

Get a good warmup doing as many functional movements as you can safely do. There’s going to be a lot of running. I’m not putting dates on any of the WODs, do them as you can. No more than three days in a row.

Running Baseline:
Run 800m
Rest 5 minutes
Run 400m
Rest 5 minutes
Run 100m

A1. 3x10x95 Suitcase Deadlift, use a barbell
A2. 3×10 GHRaise
B1. 3×20 seconds L-Sit
B2. 3×4 Hip Bridge
C1. 3×5 Assisted Pistols, use the rings, pull as much as you need to to get depth
C2. 3×15 GHD Situp
Post results to comments.
Notes: The A, B, C format means you alternate between A1 and A2 until both are complete, then move onto B1.

Run 8×200m, rest 2xRun Times (i.e., the 200m takes 0:45, rest for 1:30).

Run 3×800m, rest 1xRun Times.

Run 10x100m, rest 2 minutes between each run.

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