Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

Posted by Brian PCF
May 03 2010

Get to know yourself sometime. Doing some basic check ups will allow you to make much better progress as an athlete than just coming in and doing what’s on the whiteboard.

You are going to become a pretty sizeable badass doing that, but what if you could put in just a little more mental effort and get a bigger return.

This really comes down to “Goats”: What are you bad at and how are you going to fix it?

Not only will this improve your fitness generally, but it’s where I believe the true competitive nature of Crossfit is open to anyone.

For instance, I’m never going to be able to compete with Mike at running and I’m never going to be able to compete with Jon at lifting. But what if I set a goal that in the next year, I’m going to improve my mile time and my snatch more than Mike and Jon will.

That should be pretty easy right? They are both really good at this stuff, so I should, as a percentage, be able to beat them.

So it’s pretty “simple” goal, but it’s going to require that I actually work at it.

So find somebody that you want to compete against, and just say “I’m going to improve my Fran time more than they are this year” and get to work.

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