WOD – Chris K.

Posted by Brian PCF
May 02 2010

Going to stay well below max intensity this week. Pay close attention to joints/muscle that are flaming up and use that ice machine that I loaned you. Priorities for this week are:

1) Stay relaxed, the competition is going to be fun.
2) Sleep
3) Clean eating, listen to your body on amount/timing, don’t stress about it – you’re good on this
4) Therapeutic levels of exercise. Using functional movement to stay fresh and loose, not to get beat down.

Here’s your training:

WOD – Monday
A. [@75% Perceived Intensity]
[Do not even keep a clock on this, just feel it]
Three Rounds
Run 400m
10 Pullups
B. 3×10 Glute Ham Raise

WOD – Tuesday
A. Back Squat
5-5-5 @ 50% of 1RM
These should be fast reps.
B. Clean and Jerk
2-2-2 @ 50% of 1RM
C. 3 Rounds
Row 250m @75% Perceived Intensity
Rest 1 Minute between rounds.

WOD – Wednesday
3 Rounds, no time component, 75% Perceived Intensity:
20 Air Squats
5 Deadlift, 225 lbs

WOD – Thursday
Travel Day/Rest Day

Give me a call to talk about this if you are feeling any issues with this stuff.

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