Goat Programming for Mehtap O.

Posted by Brian PCF
May 12 2010

Mehtap is one of my daytime athletes and she’s been struggling with upperbody strength for a while now. What I want to do is take a good baseline, set some goals, and have a timeline for measuring again.

This is basic observable, measurable, repeatable fitness, i.e., Crossfit. It takes some thought in how to program while accounting for how much punishment each individual can take (both physically and mentally).

Benchmarks and measurement are a key component of this. If an athlete doesn’t see forward progress on a Goat, they are going to give up – that’s just the way everyone is wired. But if we’re programming well and the athlete is working hard, they’re going to improve.

So here’s the baseline, goals, and template for Mehtap’s Upper Body Strength Program:

Baseline on 100511:

25 seconds – Flexed Arm Hang
3/4 – Full Pushup
8 seconds – Ring Hold with black band

Goal by 100611:
60 seconds – Flexed Arm Hang
3 – Pushups
10 seconds – Ring Hold unassisted

Goal by 100811:
2 – Pullups
10 – Pushups
1 – Ring Dip

Template and Tracking:

The template is a 3-day rotation of Flexed Arm Hang, Pushups, and Ring Holds. The full plan can be viewed here. On the 2nd sheet, you can see Mehtap’s baseline data.

I’m going to have Mehtap (and anyone else who wants to try it) enter in there information here.

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