Them’s With The Best Lifestyle Wins

Posted by Brian PCF
Jul 02 2010

I’ve coached a lot of folks through Paleo Challenges. I’ve had 3.6% report no change in weight out of 167 Athletes. Those are good odds.

Paleo Challenges only last 4-5 weeks though. What about the long term plan?

What I see most often is those that get fixated on what they “can’t eat” are the ones that have the most trouble.

Those that look at what they can eat and try to make the most of it are the ones that find long term success.

Take a look at PCF Coaches Ryan and Liz. They are Paleo Masters. They do a couple things to make sure it’s easy to stay Paleo:

  • Stock your fridge/freezer with Paleo Friendly Foods
  • Keep trying new recipes constantly.  Try for at least once per week.
  • Make your Paleo meals social, have some friends over
  • When you “cheat”, cheat Paleo

The last point is very important.  You’re going to be much better off having some corn chips, salsa, Paleo Margarita’s, and ice cream than you are having bread and beer.

If you’re going to go off the wagon, do it smartly.  Keep your diet interesting by constantly trying new things.  Some great places to find Paleo Ideas are:

Everyday Paleo
My Paleo Kitchen

[Liz Squatting 195 lbs – once you can beat that you can argue with me about diet]

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