Know When To Say Wendler

Posted by Brian PCF
Jul 12 2010

So you’ve been doing the basic barbell lifts for a while. You’ve been squatting, pressing, and deadlifting. Maybe you’ve cracked the PCF Programming Code and figure out we do a variation of this every Mon/Wed/Thu.

You’ve been training with us for a year or two, and you’re starting to see the same numbers every week on these lifts.

What’s that mean? It means you’ve tapped out your linear strength potential and that you need to periodize.

The simplest way to do this that fits right on top of our template is Wendler 531.

We’ve tested this out, and we’re consistently seeing great results. Athletes are blowing past their old PRs, seeing good strength increases across the board.

I was stalled on the Squat, Deadlift, and Press for THE LAST TWO YEARS. After 10 weeks of Wendler 531, I PR’d my Back Squat by 20 lbs and my Press by 7.5 lbs.

Several of the PCF Coaches are doing this same program, and are also seeing good results. I tested it out on Wendy W. from 0530 crew and she’s seeing good progress as well.

Here’s Wendy and I’s spreadsheets to give you an idea of how this is applied.

Brian PCF**
Wendy W.
**Note I was doing Power Cleans vice Deadlift, but changed the set/rep scheme after Week 12 as I didn’t see great improvement, which isn’t shocking as Wendler 531 isn’t designed for Oly Lifts.

So I’m ready to roll it out to my morning crew and daytime athletes. If you’d like to get started, post to comments, and let’s lay out a plan for you.

Athletes off the top of my head that would benefit greatly from this:

Christy H.
Patricia B.
Heather A. (if she ever gets back to the mornings 🙂
John F.

Athletes that are “maybes” in my mind (meaning I’d need to take a look at your PR sheets to see how your lifts are progressing) are:

Patricia C.

Diet needs to be strong with this. If you’re diet still needs cleaning up, then doing this isn’t going to help.

Update: Doug PCF just sent me his Wendler 531 Template, and I think it’s pretty great. Copy and paste it from here into your own spreadsheet and just enter your data in the yellow.

Update: Check out the New and Improved Wendler Spreadsheet with video.

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