I Don’t Send Christmas Cards

Posted by Brian PCF
Aug 08 2010

I don’t read this shit.

I don’t comment on your Facebook status.

I don’t invite you over for dinner because you train with me.

I don’t send you Christmas Cards.

My “product” (Training) and “me” are two separate entities, I don’t want you to confuse the two. You are not paying for my company, you are paying me for results.

How often I retweet you, poke you, “friend” you or “like” something you wrote on your wall has zero bearing on those results.

Now will we build a relationship from training with me? Absolutely. As Coach Glassman has said in the past, this is a relationship business. And as anyone who has gone through stressful situations (Crossfit WOD, Boot Camp, Combat, Divorce, etc), who you really are ONLY comes out when you’re under a lot of stress.

But I want that relationship to be based on an understanding that you pay me to make you a better athlete. Not to buy you drinks, not to buy you dinner, not to send you Christmas Cards, not to tell you you are a unique and beautiful snowflake.

I am here to remind you what you already know: “All great things in every province, in every domain, come to those willing to suffer and endure and sacrifice and commit. It’s blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids that make things happen.” – Gregg Glassman

“Men like to work hard. The harder you work, the more you have to rely on others, and they have to rely on you, and this builds unity. Slack people are bad, they ruin morale.” – SgtMaj Ray Gregg, USMC (Ret).

“Don’t be afraid of working the Marines hard. They’ll grumble, but when they’re done, they’ll brag about it. That’s what you want, you want them to feel tough and hard and good.” – James Alban

I’m not going to be your buddy to get you to train with me. Once we’ve trained together for a while, we might find we like to hang out. Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll train you as long as you work hard.

Remember that you had the guts to try something different and you stuck to it, everyday. It was hard, it hurt, you were tired. But you kept working.

If this shit was easy, everybody would do it. If you had already achieved your goals, you would stop training.

You haven’t, neither have I. Let’s get to work.

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