How To Coach

Posted by Brian PCF
Aug 26 2010

“Happiness, therefore, being found to be something final and self-sufficient, is the End at which all actions aim” –Ethics

Whoa! Breaking out the Aristotle. That’s the blogging equivalent wearing an ascot (loud, brash, pretentious, probably an asshole), but it’s where we have to start.

Coaching gives happiness. The most potent form of this is Class #4 of Group Foundations.

I LOVE coming to Class #4. This is heavy Squat/Deadlift day.

Step 1: Pick out the smallest girls in the class.

Step 2: Make them put entirely too much weight on the bar.

Step 3: Make them lift it.

Step 4: Watch as they forget their shitty day job, the fact that they “don’t like their body”, that they spent 10 minutes before the lift telling themselves “I can’t lift that”.

That’s happiness for a coach. That’s happiness for an athlete. Everybody wins there.

The sky’s the limit after that.

“So what does that tell me about how to coach?”

It doesn’t.

It tells you why you should want to coach.

  • Serve your clients: Give them what they need, not what they want.
  • They are the center of attention, not you.
  • Teach them something: why, how, what for.

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