New Bar Game: Twilight Fan or Vegetarian?

Posted by Brian PCF
Sep 22 2010

I did a guest bartending gig at Maddy’s in DC for the Acumen Fund, where one of my 6:30am clients, Miranda volunteers. They’re a great group of folks, and Maddy’s is a nice bar, so I said sure.

However, I did not receive the memo stating: “Bartenders are no longer sought out for advice nor are they allowed to be pithy, witty, or can they try to sell drinks, even if it’s for a good cause.”

So when the night started with a gal asking for “just a water” and I told her “that’s cool, we’re just feeding the starving masses when you buy an actual drink, but I’ll just get you that water”, you can guess that I was on a roll – and not a good one.

A little later, when a very small, very pale, seemingly depressed gal ordered a veggie burger, I had reached my limit.

You see, I had hoped with the Paleo Diet getting the kind of press it’s gotten lately, with Robb’s book coming out, and with a large cohort of individuals who are looking, feeling, and performing pretty damn good, that the word would have hit the street about this by now.

But when I told her “you know, that shit’ll kill you”, she did not seem swayed.

So in her honor, and in keeping with the highest traditions of Vegetarian/Vegan bashing as well as very popular bar games, I give you:

Twiligh Fan or Vegetarian

Please use it irresponsibly.

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