20080920 WOD and Crossfit Endurance Cert

Posted by brianpcf
Sep 22 2008

So went to the CF Endurance Cert with Brian McKenzie this past weekend. Worked on a lot and will have a more extensive review of the course, instructors and material shortly.

Bottomline: If you believe that the POSE Method of running makes sense, then you have to come to this cert.

For the WOD on Saturday, where we tried to incorporate the technique we were learning:

For time:
250m Run
40 Burpees
500m Run
30 Burpees
750m Run
20 Burpees
1000m Run
10 Burpees

Time: 17:05

Notes: This was close to DFL. I got started on the 750m run and had a pretty serious side stitch (which I never usually get). I shuffled the three laps around the building and went straight into the burpees, then finished the last run and burpees at a pretty decent pace. But the damage was done in that 750m run – I was getting passed by everybody at that point. Top times were around 12 min, last finisher was around 19 min.

Pretty unhappy with that performance though. That combined with a lot of pretty strong folks at this seminar is definitely pushing me towards weighing and measuring again to find my optimal Zoneish numbers. I know if I do straight Zone I’ll be heavier than optimal weight.

Today I ate pretty much how I’ve been eating the last few weeks – as much protein and fat as I want and some veggies at lunch and post-workout. It may have just been the driving and the cert, but after a lunch of just some meat, zucchini and tomato, and walnuts – I felt like I was having an insulin high/crash episode. Same thing at post-workout meal (which wasn’t even post-WOD as I was feeling a lot of muscle soreness and no energy) – just had some tuna salad, a very little carrot/sweet potato mix and almonds – and I’m feeling like I could go to sleep at 5 pm! I also went into this meal EXTREMELY hungry.

Need to write down how I’m feeling and weigh and measure starting tomorrow. Take notes for a week or two and email Robb Wolf.

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