More Recovery WODs – “We’re Walking!”

Posted by Brian PCF
Sep 22 2010

My last post discussed some Recovery WODs, and I wanted to take it a step farther in programming terms.

These WODs are designed for anyone that needs a therapeutic dose of functional movement rather than a training session focused on building top end work capacity. This could be someone who has an injury, someone who is overtrained, or somebody in between. Maybe you’ve just gone three days on and you’ve maybe hit heavy back squats and high volume air squats in a short period of time. You know you’re going to be pretty sore the next day, so you plan something that will address the anterior chain:

AMRAP in 20 Minutes at a moderate pace:
5 Walking Lunges, each leg
Walk briskly for 1 Minute
5 Pushups
Walk briskly for 1 Minute

Finish that up with some light foam rolling of the quads and some quad/hip stretching.

Now you might think “Brian – I’m going to look ridiculous walking around my neighborhood doing this workout.”

First off, there will always be plenty of people that look more ridiculous than you, take solace in that.

Second, you are a Crossfitter. Somewhere in your closet you have a “Killer of Baby Seals with my Bloody Hands from my Torn Callouses while I Drink Milk and Squat and possibly get a Tattoo (depending on how much it costs)” T-shirt. So wear that.

Give it a try, let me know how it goes.

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