Crossfit Endurance Cert AAR

Posted by brianpcf
Sep 23 2008

If you’ve checked out the Affiliate blog for yesterday, you’ve already seen this, but wanted to consolidate it on here:

Steve and Kelley – thanks for hosting, great to see you guys!

Brian and Carl – as requested, here’s some pros/cons:

Issue: Course material being sent out prior to Cert.
Discussion: Power points and CFJ Articles were sent well ahead of the cert to prepare students.
Recommendation: Just thought this was a good move. I like having reference stuff around after certs and I like to have a baseline of how things will run ahead of time. I wish LVL I would do this!

Issue: Homework.
Discussion: Instructors provided a 6 week homework packet to work on technique and running ability.
Recommendation: I think this is terrific too – you’re only going to get good at skill work by continually working at it. I’m definitely going to take this on (as soon as I can walk again, my calves are still toast).

Issue: Testing.
Discussion: There is a final test due at the end of the Cert.
Recommendation: Again, thought this was a good move – even though we could work on it through the weekend, not just during a set “testing session” – I thought this was a good way to have some quality control.
However, I thought there were some issues with the test vs. the presented material. Specifically:
Endurance Certification Question 10Programming Questions 3 & 5
EDQ 10. Can Stamina Training replace long slow distance training?
The term “Stamina Training” wasn’t used (that I remember) in the entire presentation – so it was up to my interpretation what “Stamina Training” was.
PQ3. How many time trials should a triathlete do in their first week of training?
I think this is supposed to read “intervals” not “time trials”, I’m going off page 14, slide 2 of the .ppt handout.
PQ4. How many CFE “Crossfit Endurance” workouts should a single sport athlete (competing in an event longer than 5k) complete in a week?
I selected “4-6” and Carl marked “2-3”. If you look at pg 13 slide 3 though it says 4-6 sessions a week. Also, I’m not differentiating between a “Crossfit Endurance” WOD and time trials, LSD training, etc. When I read “Crossfit Endurance” session, I think that includes the programming we discussed on Day 2 where the athlete would do 3-4 CF Workouts and then sport specific training 2-3, but I thought those would all fall under the “Crossfit Endurance” umbrella.

Issue: Verbally citing “studies”.
Discussion: During the presentation, Brian mentioned “studies have shown” on a few different occasions.
Recommendation: Either cite it specifically, link it in the handout, or don’t mention it. Granted, this is just a huge pet peeve with me, but I’m hugely swayed by people that have their citations handy – and way turned off when they don’t.

Issue: Myofascial Release and stretching.
Discussion: During the class we went over this.
Recommendation: Keep it up – it’s something I neglect and I think a lot of other people do to. We do some Sampson Stretch, some Shoulder Dislocates, and that’s about it. So great to get some info on some solid rehab techniques.

Issue: Timing of Cert.
Discussion: Cert was held in Ocean City the week after Bike Week and nowhere near Senior Week.
Recommendation: I brought down a trunk full of Zima for the weekend with no one to share it with. Seniors Rule!

Overall great cert.

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