Paleo Diet: With New Unrated Scenes!

Posted by Brian PCF
Feb 21 2011

Finding holiday movies when you’re with your parents is tough. For years when I went home for the holidays, we usually tried this but we have a diverse crew. My parents are very conservative, my sister is a hippie, my brother has wide ranging taste, and I’m a cinema snob.

We haven’t gone to a movie in a few years because the last one we saw was “Bad Santa.” I wouldn’t call the sex scenes gratuitous, just weird. The drinking, cursing, and drug use, more of a pop culture re-branding of a slowly dying rock band tour. The casting a dart board selection of pseudo-celebrity.

The lesson for me was: If you try to make a movie that appeals to everybody, you miss pleasing everybody.

Pitching the Paleo Diet can go the same way. If you throw out inane memes like “Eat ‘Heart Healthy’ fish, steamed veggies, olive oil!”, you’re going to try to appeal to that middle part of the diet spectrum. The vegetarians and whole-grainers will get on board because in the headline of that article they saw in the grocery store that made them completely change their diet, there may have been a mention of fish.

The meat and potatoes guys will have a hard time with it, but they’re sick of being able to rest an entire six pack on their stomach.

But are you being true to your artistic integrity? Did you get into directing movies because you wanted to do that commercial for Five-Hour Energy or because of Kurosawa’s Ran.

So I can’t pitch salmon and broccoli.

I might get a wider audience, I might get the nutritional coaching follow-up deal equivalent of an AT&T Commercial or MTV Cribs episode.

But I can’t do it. I want you to eat bacon.

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