MidAtlantic Crossfit Games Athlete Profile: Thomas Hooton

Posted by Brian PCF
Apr 15 2011

Athlete: Thomas Hooton
Affiliate: Mountaineer Crossfit
Location: Morgantown, West Virginia

Thomas Hooton, Owner and Coach of Mountaineer Crossfit, Morgantown, West Virginia, is sitting comfortably at sixth place in the Region and had the highest score on WOD 11.1.

Thomas was a force in the MidAtlantic last year, placing 12th at his Sectional, and 7th in the Central East Regional, posting a monstrous 560 lbs 1RM Deadlift.

After he failed to qualify for the Crossfit Games Final last year, he built his training around his weaknesses and focused on a periodized Olympic weightlifting routine. But even with a 560 lbs deadlift, he continues to train that lift often.

“It’s my favorite lift” says Hooton. “There’s something about what Coach Glassman said about the guy who can deadlift 600 lbs and run a five minute mile that’s always stuck with me.”

“I’ve got the mile, now I just need to pull 600. I did 3×560 last week, so I’m hoping in the next few months to get 600 lbs.”

Even while training Olympic lifts and supplemental lifts three times per week, Hooton still found time for 6-8 METCONS per week.

“I was more focused on strength, but I still wanted that METCON endurance.”

Hooton’s morning would include a length lifting session, then evening he’d be right back at it with 10-15 minute METCONs.

“Sometimes I’d do two METCONs in the evening. Maybe a “Grace” or something heavy like that after a longer one.”

Hooton says he was still careful with his volume though. “I wouldn’t pick movements that were too close to what I had just done. I had come into last years Sectional overtrained. I had Plantar Fasciitis and a back injury that creeped into Regionals as well. “

Asked what it’s like to see his name on the leaderboard above Mikko Salo and Jason Khalipa, he says “These guys do it year after year, I still have to prove myself.”

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