A Brief Explanation of the Strength Portion of our WODs and How To Warmup

Posted by Brian PCF
Apr 17 2011

So you took a look at the WOD and said “What the hell does 2-2-2-2-2 (At 1RM Squat Clean Weight)” mean? What’s a Front Squat? What’s a Squat Clean? What’s a 1RM?”

First off, ask the coach! If you’re confused about anything, that’s what we’re here to do!

Second, if you don’t remember a movement and you want to know what it is before you come in, just Google it. I promise, it’s on there. Got to YouTube and just search “Front Squat”. Better yet, search “Crossfit Front Squat”.

Third, our nomenclature 2-2-2-2-2 means that you are to perform five “work sets” at as heavy a weight as you can. You can and should start lighter and go up. We score your lightest load on the whiteboard to encourage you to do as many reps at as heavy a weight as possible. Also, 1RM = One Rep Max, or the most you can lift for one rep.

Last, the warmup portion for this is to be done on your own. We do a guided warmup every day, but following that guided warmup and before these types of strength movements you should be doing a few sets of the movement at a lighter load to warmup.

A typical warmup template that we recommend for everyone is:

5×40% 1RM
5×50% 1RM
3×60% 1RM
(Courtesy of Wendler 531)

This means you’ll be doing four warmup sets of whatever movement your doing (in the case above, Front Squat) before your work sets begin.

If your response to this is “I don’t know what my 1RM is!”, then have no fear, another way to describe this is:

5x Really Light Weight
5x Light Weight
5x Moderate to Light Weight
3x Moderate Weight

Armed with this and the certainty that if you ask a coach a question, they will give you an answer, you should have no problems doing the strength portion of our WODs.

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