Crossfit Total

Posted by brianpcf
Nov 05 2008


Flip-flopped the two day beginning of “Feats of Strength” Month at PCF, so today was Crossfit Total (note: had to use kg plates, so that’s what the two numbers are:


5x70kg (154 lbs)
1x100kg (220 lbs)
1x120kg (264 lbs)
1x145kg (319 lbs)
1x148kg (326 lbs)
1×150.5kg (331 lbs) PR

3x50kg (110 lbs)
1x60kg (132 lbs)
1x65kg (143 lbs)
1x70kg (154 lbs) (PR is 155 lbs)

3x70kg (154 lbs)
2x100kg (220 lbs)
1x120kg (264 lbs)
1x165kg (365 lbs)
1x185kg (407 lbs) PR
1×187.5kg (412 lbs) PR
1x190kg (418 lbs) PR

Total: 903 lbs PR

So pretty happy with this after the dismal Cindy yesterday. Definitely showing signs of improved strength, I credit that to some good coaching from Chef and doing the GG programming for the last six weeks. I only wish I could have done it more consistently w/o the cold, elbow, and neck injuries.

I really am trying to delegate stuff recently so that I can ensure that I have time to train, but being a co-owner of a Crossfit gym is time consuming…

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