Just One Day O’ Wendler?

Posted by Brian PCF
Aug 31 2011

Question from Justin:

“I’m about to start Wendler for my deadlift which has been stuck forever. I can do sets of 5 at practically my 1RM. So, I’m going to start. Would you recommend taking the first week and trying to find my latest 1RM? I did the CFT whenever we recently did it so I have that, and I know my 1RM from a *long* time ago. And I did sets of 5 relatively recently. And finally how many cycles should I do? I see the spreadsheet has 24 weeks, so maybe that’s the answer.”

Don’t try and find a new 1RM, take your 1RM that you did recently for Crossfit Total. Plug that into the handy spreadsheet here. Commence Wendlering.

Most folks will find a point where they plateau at either Press, Deadlift, or Squat. Some all three. That’s when we go to Wendler. Key things to keep in mind are:

  • Better to start to light than too heavy.
  • You can do one exercise, two, or all three.
  • You can do a make-up Friday morning and daytime if you miss a day.
  • Keep at it, there’s no “end” to Wendler.  You could do it for 1-2 years and still see improvement.  The spreadsheet goes to 24 just because that’s how many tabs I felt like making.  Just copy and paste to make more.
  • Deadlift is touch and go, squat is to failure, press is to failure (contrary to “doctrinal” Wendler 531).
  • You can buy the e-book here.  I own it, I consult it often.
  • You can read an intro article here.

Wendler 531 is absolutely great stuff and it fits right on top of what we do: Monday – Squat, Wednesday – Press, Thursday – Deadlift.  If you want to do just one movement, two, or all three, that’s fine.

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