A Specific Generalized Template

Posted by Brian PCF
Nov 02 2011

What many coaches will tell you (and I will too) is:

1) Practice the basic lifts.
2) Keep it simple.
3) And one Marine saying: “In the static defensive position, if you try to be strong everywhere, you’ll be weak everywhere.”

What I’ve tried to do with this template is lay out a basic combination of Olympic and Power lifts with the end goal of being an generally stronger and more powerful athlete, but one that has my inherent strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve cobbled together several programs (Crossfit Football, Bob Takano, Jim Wendler, Prilepin’s Table, and especially Gant Grimes) based on my experience lifting with each of those programs separately and managing athletes on these programs.

To view the template click here.

Template Guidelines:
1) Add 5 lbs to each Oly lift Theoretical 1 RM (T1RM) each 4 week cycle.
2) Add 10 lbs to each lower body Wendler Deadlift T1RM each 4 week cycle.
3) Add 5 lbs to each upper body Wendler Press T1RM each 4 week cycle.
4) Add 5 lbs to each Power lift (linear progression) each 4 week cycle.

You’ll obviously need to copy the spreadsheet and then enter your weights into the yellow blocks, but the spreadsheet will do the work after that.

You’ll need to stick with this for at least 16 weeks to see good progress. Feel free to switch your Power lifts to Wendler once you get a serious sticking point.

I think this would be a great template for anybody that has a decent level of strength and good technique with the lifts. I think this would be a great fit for athletes at PCF who are doing the barbell club (contact erika@patriotcrossfit.com for more info).

PS. I get the fact that “Specialized Generalized” are contradictory terms. Also, feel free to go all kinds of honey badger on this if you’ve got some beef.

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