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Posted by Brian PCF
Nov 09 2011

From the Potomac Crossfit blog last two weeks:

Wednesday 111026

I generally don’t like the “Harden the Fuck Up” attitude. When I see people do this (without a lot of thought involved beforehand) I see injury and general stupidity. However, I also think that you are least likely to adopt the most helpful attitude towards your own training. So if you naturally want to slam your head against the wall prior to your training so you can get in the zone, and then absolutely have to put 5 more pounds on the bar on squat days or sprint the last round of Helen until you throw up, then maybe you should chill out a little and stretch more often. But if you are a “finesse player” who tries to find creative ways to get fitter without working harder, you probably need to watch less Kelly Starrett videos and #HTFU. -Brian PCF

Thursday 111027

I don’t like to hound on the “Post to Comments” blurb that we put at the bottom of each day’s WOD. I think it’s critically important if we want to better our training, and I think it’s a great return on investment for the athlete and the box, but I don’t like the idea of beating people over the head to do it. I don’t think there’s a better way out there to get easy to track feedback on how you’re doing as an athlete and how we (and by we, I mean Erika and Aaron, I’m terrible at programming) are doing as a box. So consider this your passive aggressive reminder that it’s good for you and it’s good for us. -Brian PCF

Friday 111028

There’s nothing like having a dedicated training partner (or partners) to keep you on track. We swap around within the coaching staff all the time with this in mind. Right now I’ve got a $40 Paleo pool with Liz and Alison for the next month, and I run with Wilkins every Friday.

Self-organization is key, just find somebody who is shooting for the same general goals (eating clean, faster run times, better squat, etc), put some money on the line, write a contract, and do it.

Heavy trash talking and partner sabotage or actual human empathy are also completely up to you. -Brian PCF

Saturday 111029

Erika, Aaron and I have resolved to each write something on the blog every day. For many of our long time clients, hopefully these will reinforce things that you’ve learned in the past. For new clients, it will hopefully fill in some gaps in your knowledge of Crossfit and help you progress faster.

Todays Lesson: Long METCONs suck. That is all. -Brian PCF

Tuesday 111101

Inevitably, you will fuck yourself up to some degree while Crossfitting. Anecdotally I can say that 80% of this comes from activities outside of Crossfit: Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Golf (yes, Golf).

There are a few things you need to do when you get injured:
1) Heal. This means rest, proper nutrition, and a “therapeutic dose of functional movement.”
2) Mobility. Ensure that you can move through the proper range of motion pain-free.
3) Get Strong as a Motherfucker. I have yet to see a persistent or random injury not get better by dedicated strength work. Consistent shoulder problems? What’s your 1RM Press? Consistent knee problems? What’s your 1RM Squat? -Brian PCF

Wednesday 111102

Let’s consider a thought experiment:

Athlete A joined Potomac Crossfit on 1 January 2011. Since then she has lost 15 pounds of body fat, she has gone from zero to three strict pullups, she couldn’t perform an air squat to full range of motion on her first day of Foundations, now she can squat 1.5xBW and deadlift 2xBW. She can do Helen and Fran Rxd, but the pullups take her a while.

The experiment: Is Athlete A happy with her progress?

Now this is where it gets tricky. Is Athlete A “half empty” or “half full” type of gal? Does she have a training partner that she can compete against? Is she even writing down her workouts so she knows how far she’s progressed? Is she comparing herself against the top girls in the gym or people at her ability level?

What I want you to consider is how much data versus attitude affects the quality and consistency of your training. -Brian PCF

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