Collected Blurbs, 11/07-11/14

Posted by Brian PCF
Nov 14 2011

From PCF 111110:

I had a good question the other day from an athlete: When should I go into the pain cave?

My answer is always “never do something today that will keep you from training tomorrow.” I feel that keeps people from flipping on their “stupid switch” and risking injury to get an Rxd next to their name.

Also realize, this was a dude. Dudes tend to want to push weights a little heavier than they should, and many women tend to go to light. Make a note when you make your scaling selections and as always, ask a coach.

Just want to expand on this by referencing one of my old posts on the difference between a “therapeutic dose of functional movement”, training for the elite athlete, and what I colloquially call “fucking elite” training.

If you are generally moving your bodyweight and external objects through basic functional movements with some level of intensity, you’re getting fitter.

If you are doing this safely, consistently, and improving the intensity (both in terms of load and time) by both training and proper rest, then you are closing in on “elite” levels of training.

If you eat like shit, don’t sleep, have a ton of stress in your life, booze it up on a Friday and come in for your once a week WOD on Saturday and slap the Rxd weights on the bar – you’re probably going to fuck yourself up pretty bad.


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