Collected Blurbs, 11/22-11/28

Posted by Brian PCF
Nov 28 2011

Tuesday 111122

Are you ready for the Crossfit Games Open? The Open starts 23 February and runs for five weeks, ending March 25.

Again and again we see the folks that compete make huge gains in their fitness. It’s almost like cheating, because you’re going to get better faster than the folks that are putting the same amount of effort in the gym.

We have several options for competitions coming up, to get notified about upcoming events and compete as part of the PCF Team, email -Brian PCF

Wednesday 111123

“The single biggest thing you can do to improve your fitness is attack your weaknesses head on.” -Greg Glassman

If your weakness is you don’t write down your loads/times/rounds, then freaking do it. -Brian PCF

Thursday 111124

We harp on range of motion because it is both the simplest detector of mobility issues as well as the simplest fix. Can’t get to the bottom of the squat? Squat more. Can’t extend your arms during pullups, do more pullups with more extension.

We can and do get sexy with it by employing the wall stretch, bench stretch, pray for pain, lawyer stretch, etc. But we want you to be able to move a load (bodyweight or external) through an “effective” range of motion. That’s how you’re going to demonstrate and improve power output, and it’s also how you’re going to get more mobile.

This gets trickier with folks that have practiced with less than full ROM for extended periods of time, but it’s also pretty easy to fix in 95% of athletes. If you have an issue, just talk to a coach or post to comments. -Brian PCF

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