Collected Blurbs, 11/29/2011-12/05/2011

Posted by Brian PCF
Dec 05 2011

First off, big ups to our Cold War Teams, they did great this weekend.

Tuesday 111129

A quick note about consistency and goals: I had an athlete lay out a plan for me via email that included 5-6 days of training per week. There was a lot of stuff that was outside of the normal WOD that he saw as a weakness and that he wanted to work on. I didn’t think that his extra stuff was too bad an idea, and I noticed that when I saw him in the gym, that he wasn’t progressing too much on his weights during strength sessions or METCONs.

We had some back and forth on what we thought was the best approach, then randomly I looked at the number of times that he’s come to the gym in the last six months. He had averaged 1.8 visits per week.

Lesson is: Master the basics before you throw them out. The basics in this case means: show up. That will fix pretty much every issue that you are going to have. -Brian PCF

This one started a spirited discussion on the blog, check it out here.

Wednesday 111130

I try to get every athlete who has just graduated Foundations to understand this analogy:

Foundations is like listening to Spanish on tape. It’s confusing at first, but not too hard to get the basics. After several hours of this, you think: “hey, I’m getting this!”

When you start attending Workout of the Day Classes, that’s like being dropped into a dive bar in Jaurez, Mexico, at midnight on a Saturday. Your first reaction is “Holy Shit, is this guy talking to me going to stab me or is he asking me what time it is?”

Like language, immersion is the key. Give WODs about six weeks and you’ll understand movements, terms, logistics, and how to get in and out without getting shot. -Brian PCF

Proper nutrition is the single most important thing you can do for your health and fitness. Seriously, you can stop working out, quit the gym, eat super clean, and be generally healthy.

You’ll be much better off adding functional movements (aka movements the body is designed to do) with some degree of intensity, but if you just eat clean, you’re going to be doing great.

Don’t look at your nutrition and exercise as two sides of a scale. You don’t get to eat grilled cheese sandwiches in the morning, workout at night and get “balanced”. Eat clean, work hard in the gym. -Brian PCF

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