Tuesday 081118

Posted by brianpcf
Nov 18 2008

Continuing with the “My Favorite Blogs” category – RobbWolf.com.


Robb’s dedication to empiricism, and apparent love of pop culture references keeps me coming back to his blog – highly recommend you check it out.

For a WOD today, had to get it in at the old Navy Gym that I hate so much. Once we opened PCF, I swore I would never work out there again – the constant reminders of “No Chalk”, “No Dropping Weights”, etc, went on for almost two years. Freedom came at last – but no time to make it to PCF today so…

Dumbbell Clean and Jerks, 45 lbs
Walking Lunges
Double Unders
Time: 12:55

Notes: C&J rocked me pretty bad. This is the same weight that I did back on Thursday 081016, but for whatever reason, they just felt HEAVY today. Splits were: 5:03, 5:10, 2:42.

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