Common Beginner Static Gymnastic Positions

Posted by Brian PCF
May 09 2014

Most of the static gymnastic positions (what Coach Sommers calls the Fundamental Static Positions, or FSP) that we use at Potomac CrossFit are programmed to support upper body and core strength. We use them because we believe they are a great upperbody strength developer to compliment what you generally see in CrossFit: high volume bent-arm strength such as pullups, rope climbs, muscle ups.

Here are the beginner gymnastic moves we use most frequently:

Bar Tuck Front Lever
Ring Tuck Back Lever
Band Assisted Handstand
Hollow Hold
Roll to Candlestick
Bridge Up
Ring Tuck Planche
Skin the Cat

These are also very helpful if/when you’re programming for adaptive CrossFitters who are missing parts of their lower body.

Lost more here and here. Also some discussion on straight arm versus bent arm strength here.

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