Nutrition and the Paleo Challenge

Posted by Brian PCF
May 23 2014



Nutrition was the hardest nut for us to crack as a gym. We had problems both getting people on board with what they should be doing and helping those that needed help.

The Paleo Challenge helped that a lot. While it was tough to help everybody exactly when they wanted to get help, the group setting, the financial reward, and the mostly somewhat passable when sober advice got us some good results.

With the abundance of information on the interwebs these days, a lot of people can help themselves. They find the Paleo/Primal deity that they like the most, worship at that temple for a while and if it works stick to that one and if not embrace Paleo/Primal pantheism.

Coaches are always ready to answer a quick question in class, but the blog is really the best place to ask questions if you want to get started with Paleo or have a more in-depth question. If you got some, go ahead and ask.

[Originally published Potomac CrossFit 130513]

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