Posted by Kayla Castro
May 28 2014

Our brains tend to look for patterns. Taleb has talked about this a lot and his first book, Fooled by Randomness, is a long treatise on this phenomenon.

Aaron PCF had a great comment the other week about the fact that running doesn’t make you skinny, but skinny people tend to run. Most folks look for “runners” who are skinny and conclude that to get skinny, they need to run. This is about as thorough an empirical examination as saying: “Volleyball players are tall. I want to be tall, so I’ll play volleyball.”

A lot of people play to their strengths. If you come to CrossFit with more of a strength background, you tend to get drawn to weightlifting. Same goes for gymnastics. The principle I’m trying to draw out is empiricism. Don’t believe any of what I just wrote, try whatever you want to try. But don’t argue with the results.

[Originally published Potomac CrossFit 130514]

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