Skill Comes From Practice

Posted by Kayla Castro
May 30 2014

I was watching some videos last week from the owner of CrossFit Oahu (where Maria came from) by Coach Bryant Powers and he had a great summary of what we try to get across to athletes all the time: “you can’t condition to be skilled, you have to practice”. This is a big component of our programming, and it was heartening to see other CrossFit gyms doing and believing in the same thing.

For some reason a lot of folks don’t think this is the case. They think that they can either just jump into a WOD and crank out 50 Handstand Pushups or 50 Clean and Jerks at 135. Usually this is because they are inexperienced, but that inexperience doesn’t stop them from arguing with the coaches to let them try it.

Regardless of what we do as human beings, practice is what makes us better. Whether it’s speaking German, playing the violin, or performing Kipping Pullups, practice is what makes you better.

[Originally published Potomac CrossFit 130604]

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