Butter, Bone Broth and Bacon

Posted by Kayla Castro
Jul 22 2014


You might think our dietary choices are out of the ordinary, and they are, but they are catching on. Some of you may have seen the recent articles about the Los Angeles Laker’s diet that mainly consists of butter, bone broth, and bacon (this sounds vaguely familiar to some other diet labels: Starts with “p”, rhymes with “R-aleo”).

The reason the Laker’s focus on these food groups are:
1) Joint health. Bone broth is one of the only sources of glycosaminoglycans. Down the processing chain that happens in the body, this compound creates hyaluronic acid, which is a key part of synovial fluid. This is the “lubricant” in your joints.
2) Energy. Fat is a hormonally neutral source of energy. While carbohydrate raises your blood sugar, which in the absence of protein intake or anaerobic activity can increase body fat stores, fat has no effect on blood sugar but significant effect on satiety (how hungry you are). So you eat fat, you get energy and you don’t feel hungry.
3) Brain function. The brain is the most sensitive organ to swings in blood sugar levels. Your brain can Run on sugar only, but the body can create it’s own form of sugar, known as ketones, from fat. You can read a great deal about ketones and brain function from Dr. Richard Veech, but bottomline: your brain really likes ketones.

For more on the L.A. Lakers diet, click here.


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