No Magic Fix

Posted by Kayla Castro
Jul 23 2014


There’s no magic fix that can get you prepared for the Open between now and February 27th. The Open will be a measure of your fitness and your fitness will be determined by three primary things:

1) How Paleo where you in the last year?
2) How many times did you come to the gym over the last year?
3) How much did you sleep per night?

Now there are a ton of other factors involved here, some you can’t control and some you can. The folks that make the CrossFit Games are amazing athletes and to one degree or another one of the best decisions they made was who their parents are. Genes play a huge part. Other things you can control all factor into the above though. Lots of stress from job/relationship/family/etc? That’s going to affect how you eat, train and sleep. Really like hookers and blow? That’s going to affect how you eat, train and sleep (and probably your job/relationship/family/etc). Bottomline is that this game we call CrossFit should be fun (goddamit!!). So don’t put too much pressure on yourself during the Open. Sign up, try to have fun, see how things shake out.


[Originally posted Potomac CrossFit 140128]

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