Warm Up Behavior

Posted by Kayla Castro
Jul 28 2014


I find that how folks warmup is usually very similar to how well they stick to a productive nutrition plan. Both usually need to do exactly the opposite of what they want to do. Folks that are SUPER serious about warming up/diet need to relax and not be so crazy. Tracking your caloric intake, Zone blocks, weighing your food, or counting the number of hip raises you do per month are all things you shouldn’t do.

On the flip side is the person that doesn’t take warming up/nutrition seriously at all. They think they’re doing “good enough” even though they are making no tangible gains. They explain it away like “well X goofs around druing warmups/eats Hoho’s occasionally, so I can too!” These folks need to do some work during the warmups and be more realistic about how much progress they are going to make eating crap regularly.

As always, talk to your coach. They can give you some good insight on what you need to focus on during warmups.


[Originally posted Potomac CrossFit 140210]

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