Body Needs Movement

Posted by Kayla Castro
Jul 30 2014


How often should you take a rest day? This is a pretty easy question to answer: no less than every fourth day. We want everybody to come in as often as is humanely possible, which should lead you to five-ish days a week. We incentivize this as well, as an Unlimited membership costs $13/class and a 9x/week costs $17.78/class.

Even if you are pretty beat up, you should come in. The body needs movement. So even if you are sore, you should come in. Do the warmup and mobility, then decide how hard you’re going to go. If you’re still feeling tired and beat up, try a “therapeutic dose of functional movement” day. This means you’re going to do a lot less weight/difficulty in our barbell or gymnastic strength portion and then you’re going to scale a level down from what you usually do during the METCON. Those few extra days a month that this will add to your training volume will pay off.

[Originally posted Potomac CrossFit 140218]


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