Basic Play into WODs

Posted by Kayla Castro
Aug 14 2014


Playing Music and CrossFit: One of my absolute favorite essays on education is “Lockhart’s Lament” about how bad the current public and (most) private school systems teach math. The gist is that you couldn’t really design a worse curriculum to get kids to learn and get excited about learning math. Lockhart asks us to imagine if we taught music like we teach math: learn the notes in elementary school, the scales in middle school, and organizing music notation into musical pieces in high school. Maybe by college you’d get to pick up a recorder and actually hear and play music!

We try to teach you CrossFit similar to how kids play learn music. We give you some basics to play with (the squat, the Deadlift, the Pushup, etc). We then let you play, i.e., we have you do our WODs. We give you some instruction, but we want you to actively work on the movements by practicing and having fun doing it. For some people it’s hard to do CrossFit this way. Everything is about answering a question with one right answer and/or getting a grade. While we do compare your abilities using time and load, just like in music some folks are going to be better at some things than others, but everybody’s got their strengths and weaknesses.

So have fun playing and learning to play CrossFit, and don’t focus too much on your “grade” or always getting the right answer.

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