Practice Patience

Posted by Kayla Castro
Aug 15 2014


I often wonder if there’s a way to measure exactly and precisely how fit you’d be if you hadn’t CrossFitted for however long you’ve been working out with us. Much of this is not really focused on gaining fitness so much as avoiding sickness and disability.

A lot of folks lament how little progress they think they are making or their lack of ability to get one thing they are fixated on (Muscle UpPullup, etc). I appreciate the fact that folks want to get better, that’s not annoying at all. “Playing hungry” is a good trait in an athlete. But some degree of patience is also a good trait.

Something that might aid in that patience is taking stock of where you are right now versus where you would be if you had just kept doing what you were doing. Eating a bagel for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a nice low-fat pasta dish for dinner was killing you slowly. Doing some 10k training plan was adding to your cortisol load and stressing your body in ways that were only taking you from bad to worse.

So even if you’re only coming a couple of times a month, I think the fact that you’ve got that Pullup or Muscle Up or sub 8:00 Rxd Fran in your sights is a whole lot better than where you would have been otherwise

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