Training Through Injury

Posted by Kayla Castro
Aug 20 2014


When it comes to dealing with injuries, there are a lot of basic things you can do if you catch it early. They differ significantly based on if it’s a soft tissue issue or a connective tissue issue. If it’s soft tissue, this means you feel it somewhere in the “meaty” part of the muscle and it’s probably severe soreness, a strain or a tear. First thing to do is talk to a coach who can vector you into how severe it is (unless you have a bone sticking out or are in severe pain, then don’t talk to me, go to the emergency room).

For soreness, we want to make sure we’re just doing the fundamentals of Paleo + Sleep + adequate rest days as the first step. We then want to look at maybe subbing around movements that stress that specific muscle. For strains and tears, we want to get you to see some kind of medical professional (chiro or ortho) and get their opinion on it’s severity before we move forward. We can work around this stuff, but it requires a great deal more time and effort on both our parts.

For connective tissue, the first thing we want to do is DRAMATICALLY lower our expectations for recovery time. Coach Christopher Sommers says that connective tissue usually takes 10x longer to heal than soft tissue injuries. So if you’re feeling issues in your joints, you need to address it QUICKLY so it doesn’t get worse. First thing to do is talk to a coach. They’ll probably tell you to rest and if you’re in pain, rest and ice. Once you can move without pain (and I just mean walk and do some basic bodyweight movements pain free) than we can try to sub around the injury. If the injury isn’t healing by subbing movements to minimize further damage, we need to get you to a pro ASAP and stop you from doing classes.

We can definitely still do personal training around injury. I personally have a TON of hours training athletes with injuries. I like doing this as it offers a different kind of challenge in designing programming and helping with motivation. If you’re banged up and you’re interested in some personal training with any of our coaches, you can email

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