Hydration and Electrolyte Balance

Posted by Kayla Castro
Aug 21 2014


Much is made in most health and fitness about proper hydration. I think that much of this is bubkis. However, getting the proper amount of what is commonly known as “electrolytes” is absolutely critical to your overall health and your CrossFit performance especially.

For most folks, simply eating Paleo and getting a good variety of foods will do the trick. I’m also a fan of adding iodized salt in the mix. For folks that are doing a good amount of hard training, some simple supplements might be necessary based on your individual biological requirements. For years, I’ve recommended Endurolyte tablets. As it’s getting hotter outside, these make more and more sense and folks report good results. There are some other more pricey options out there, but they depend on how much your working out, how much you naturally sweat, and whether or not you really want to take the time to mess around with them.

Have any of you tried Endurolytes or other supps?

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