Paleo is Hard!!!

Posted by Kayla Castro
Aug 27 2014


“But Paleo sounds so hard!!!” We hear that a lot when we start talking to athletes about the Paleo Diet. Really, it’s about as easy as it can possibly get, but we have to help you understand and equip you to make the right decisions.

Since we’re going into the weekend, lets talk about compliance, eating out and drinking alcohol:

Compliance = Results There’s no getting around this. If you sleep at least eight hours a night, reduce non-hormetic stressors, eat strict Paleo and don’t drink alcohol, and train 5-6 times per week you’ll get amazing results. Wherever you compromise on those points, you’ll compromise on those results.

Brian, can you just call in my order for me? I’m busy not complying with the above guidelines on the weekend, so no. But all you have to do is the following when you sit down at a restaurant: “Hi Waitron, I’m deathly allergic to gluten, dairy and legumes. If you put that into my food I will projectile vomit all over this place.” That will motivate them to help you a great deal.

How do I replicate my amazing Clarendon Ballroom dance moves without booze?!?!?!!?!? My guidance is ripped off from Robb Wolf and is simple yet challenging: drink as little as possible to improve your fitness and as much necessary to improve your sex life.


[Originally posted Potomac CrossFit 140715]

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